Sales Audit

The audit of sold tickets, their fares, taxes and commissions as well as refunded and exchanged documents lead to significant gains and benefits through re-debiting the travel agents for ticketing errors and fraud. IATA estimates these losses are 1-3% of airlines revenues.

With our highly automated Sales Audit service, we accomplish a full audit of all sold tickets by our airline customers. Our modern software systems and the commitment of our team of airline industry experts enable our service to focus on stopping all revenue leakages of our customers.

All information on the tickets is audited: ticket fares such as CRS-public fares, negotiated fares, corporate fares, specials, group fares and commissions as well as applicable fare rules and regulations. Taxes, passenger service charges and security charges are checked against the applicable published tax rules and regulations. Special authorisations can be given, tracked and analysed via our exclusive internet platform. Once authorisations are given there, agents receive an automated e-mail which is immediately incorporated in the audit system. Various statistical analyses are possible.

Through our two-stage audit process, highly reliable Agency Debit Memos/ADMs re verified: All errors identified by the automated audit process are double-checked by our industry experts to ensure the accuracy of the ADM. We debit this recovered revenue per ADM to the travel agents and take care of their settlement via BSP/BSPLink. Before issue of ADMs, checking against default agencies is performed. Agents’ disputes are handled through our experts in specialised call-centre service teams.

Our standard sales audit procedures can be easily adapted to each and every airline’s specific requirements. Also quick data exchange and integration in airlines' internal software systems are enabled through state-of-art XML-interfaces.

The results of the sales audits are accessible easily through an exclusive internet portal. Comprehensive and customized reports and statistics help airlines' management in decision-making, market and fraud analysis. Detailed information about agents’ behaviour, the most common mistakes, recovery levels, historical trends, problem areas sorted by agent, error reasons, destinations etc. is analysed

Through our market-leading automated sales audit solution, your benefits are:

  • quick and accurate audit results
  • increased cash flows
  • reduction of internal process costs
  • revenue protection
  • fostering business discipline of travel agents
  • high level of flexibility in audit requirements
  • easy interfacing with airlines internal software systems
  • no initial investments are necessary
  • an inspiring investment/revenue recovery ratio


Sales Audit