Refunds Application Management

Through the Refunds Application Management, we handle all refund applications from travel agents' and passengers' direct sales which are sent to the airlines. We check the BSPLink system, perform the refund calculations of full and partial refunds according to the rules and either reject or give approval to the agents.

Further, we check if mandatory documents are complete and follow up with the agents. In cases of goodwill, the airline will be contacted for approval. Refund queries of direct sales passengers are checked and managed directly in airlines' own computer systems. Agents are continuously informed about the receipt of their applications and the status of processing.

Incoming refund applications are checked against sold, flown, exchanged, lost, stolen and already refunded coupons. Additional checks are performed such as whether original tickets were settled correctly via BSP and whether refunded tickets from other carrier etc. We require ticket histories and passenger lists for checking of schedule changes, cancellations, delays, special authorisations, no shows etc.

Fastest response time for incoming refunds applications is guaranteed through our highly automated software system. All refunds are managed with the maximum accuracy and efficiency in accordance with industry standards and local regulations. The close contact of our airline industry experts and their efficient interaction with agents and passengers assures a high service level and quick results. Agents disputes are settled promptly.

All approved refund applications are checked automatically against the BSP settled refunds, and agency debits are issued when refunds were settled with incorrect amounts or without authorisations.

An easy tracking of the complete refunds management process via an exclusive internet portal is provided. Comprehensive and customiezd management information statistics are produced at local office and head office and can be adapted to airlines' individual needs.

Detailed information about agents' work, the most common requests, historical trend etc. is analysed. Refund applications can simply be searched and identified per ticket number, agency IATA-number or name, refund application date etc. via the internet portal. All data can be easily exchanged and interfaced with external systems.

Besides the general standard procedures, our Refunds Management service is fully adaptable to airlines' specific requirements.

Your benefits are:

  • quick and accurate handling of all refunds applications
  • optimising time-intensive activities like refund value calculation and interaction with suppliers
  • reduction of internal process costs
  • high flexibility in order to meet individual refund management requirements
  • increased customer satisfaction and service levels
  • no initial investments are necessary


Refunds Application Management