Inward Billing Management

Incoming invoices and supporting papers are scanned and captured. The data are posted into the accounts, and the files for bank settlements are produced. Balancing of bank payments is provided. Detailed statistics are supported about the entire workflow.

All scanned documents are stored in a database for future review. Access to the database via internet is provided. All scanned and stored documents can be searched and located by supplier name, invoice date, invoice number and other individually specified search words/keys.

Your benefits from cost-savings due to the fact that there is no further need for expansive storage for processed invoices and supporting papers. Another advantage is fast and easy access from all over the world, 24 hours, 7 days a week to all stored invoices via the internet. Fast search functionalities allow easy tracking of old invoices. Documents can forwarded comfortlably per e-mail.

Your benefits:

  • data capture of incoming invoices
  • posting on books and accounts
  • production of file for bank payment
  • review of bank payments
  • statistical analyses


Inward Billing Management