Groups Application Management

The Groups Application Management service handles all group applications by phone, facsimile and e-mail. The processing of the applications and fare quotations for the travel agencies will be executed within 24 hours. Conditions and availability of seats are checked and, if necessary alternative offers can be proposed to the travel agencies for different fares and availability.

Reservations are accomplished within 24 hours after agents' confirmation. We process all reminders for ticket time limits and name lists. Name changes, cancellations and rebooking are managed as well as booking of individual routing for single group passengers, if available. We support the complete ticketing process for the travel agents and assist in answering all queries for group procedures.

With our state-of-the-art Group Application Management internet-platform the quality and customer satisfaction are enhanced. Through linkage with airlines' flight databases, group applications are handled flexibly and with fast response time. Travel agencies can easily log-on to the platform and are given individual offers immediately for their group applications. Additional information and news can be communicated to the agents.


With the platform, easy control of group traffic is available. Based on historical and current traffic data, the platform tracks the behavioural characteristics of individual group requests, so that detailed analyses of revenue management decisions is supported. The system enables the evaluation of ad-hoc groups as well as series groups. Revenue enhancement by using the utilizing the Group Application Management is typically in the range of 1% to 2%.

Through our self-developed statistics-focused internet platform, airlines can access all statistics just-in-time from all over the world. All your staff members and divisions have fast access to all current and historical data. Comprehensive statistics give a detailed picture of all transactions of the group management process, e.g.:

  • number of group applications, reservations and tickets issued per country of sales and destination displayed weekly, monthly, annually and daily
  • total number of passengers and per group sorted by date of ticket issue, date of travel and arrival date
  • average fare/yield per ticket, per group and total

With this information, you get the perfect control device for planning and controling group sales. All statistics can be adapted to individual and special requirements.

Your benefits are:

  • quick and accurate handling of all group applications
  • optimising time intensive activities like fare quotations, check of conditions and seat availability
  • reduction of internal process costs
  • high level of flexibility in in order to meet individual group management requirements
  • increased customer satisfaction and service levels
  • no initial investments are necessary


Group Application Management