Air Waybill Delivery Service

Participating in our innovative Air Waybill-(AWB)stock delivery service via the internet airlines will have the benefits of saving time and reducing cost for their AWB distribution to the cargo agents. Airlines' staff will be relieved of labour-intensive routine processes and thus can contribute to an increase in productivity by concentrating on the core business. Further, the quality and speed of AWB delivery will increase, and the workflows will be optimised as well. Satisfaction of agents' costomers will be enhanced due to the 24-hour order option.

The cargo agencies receive a log-in and password and can enter the webpage www.awb-order.com. There they can easily order their required AWB-number sequences. Agents' orders are matched with a database were airline rules and regulations for AWB allocations are stored.


Limitations and authorisations for individual agents as well as for agent groups and chains, the maximum number of AWBs per allocation, the quantity of allowed orders per day, week and month, will be determined. Furthermore, agents can be blocked from AWB distribution. The risk of over-delivery and double delivery of AWBs to various agents no longer exist.

All provided AWB-numbers can be monitored and analysed via the internet around-the-clock. Airlines and agents have a complete overview and control of all their allocated and received AWB numbers.

Many international airlines are using the advantages of this service. The service is available worldwide and is currently used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.


Air Waybill Delivery Service