Ticket Control Software - TCS

The Ticket Control Software is an easy-to-handle software application for self-auditing all the BSP-sales. It simplifies the labour-intensive and costly administrative and controlling activities of ticket sales with a contemporary and and user friendly software.

The Ticket Control Software is a software system which provides the user with complete visualisation of all ticket information and full details of all related documents. The system links various data such as tickets, related refunds, exchanges and reissues agency debit and credit memos.

Comprehensive search functionalities such as passenger name, ticket type and date of issue are provided. Detailed views of the payments such as combined payments with cash and credit card are supported.

The Ticket Control System checks automatically all fares, commissions, taxes, security fees etc. of ticket sales via CRS/BSP. All electronic files/HOT are loaded and stored in the system. Special reports simplify the process of auditing refunds, exchanged tickets, AD tickets etc. Specialised modules such as Flown Revenue or Direct Sales allow the TCS to be adapted to specific customer requirements.

The differences identified are charged to the relevant travel agency by Agency Debit Memo via BSP. Extensive sales statistics on re-debited revenue are generated and can be exported into Excel-files and adapted easily to company-reporting standards.

Direct upload of ACDMs via BSPLink mass-upload is provided. The TCS can either be installed on local PCs and networks or is available on an ASP basis via the internet.

Your benefits are:

  • fully automatic audit
  • quick and accurate audit results
  • increased cash flows
  • reduction of internal process costs
  • revenue protection
  • fosters business discipline of travel agents
  • highly flexibility in order to meet audit requirements
  • easy interfacing with airlines' internal software systems
  • exciting investment revenue recovery ratio


Ticket Control Software - TCS