Air Waybill Management Software - AMS

The Air Waybill Management Software provides an easy and effective data capture of Air Waybills (AWBs) and settlement to IATA/CASS. It is a Windows-based system and fully network capable. It offers the user a detailed visualisation of the Air Waybill data on the screen.

The system links the Air Waybills with the agency debit and credit memos/DCMs for smooth workflow and discovery of connected documents. Comprehensive search functionalities per AWB number and agency number as well as per date of capture and settlement are ensured.

Additional charges, e.g. fuel surcharges, are calculated automatically. As a result, data capture can be minimized. The export and upload of the CASS-files into the IATA/CASS system is easy to handle. All executed exports can be displayed. Wrong export files can be deleted, repeated and uploaded again.

The AMS supplies a variety of detailed cargo turnover statistics of all settled AWBs and DCMs sorted per agent, agent group, origin, destination, flight number, flight date, yield and ranking of the top selling agents. Additionally, analyses about specific accounting periods and year-to-date comparisons are supported. The statistics are released in Excel for further easy processing, distribution per e-mail and storage. They can be directly adapted to company-reporting standards.

Your benefits are:

  • fast data capture of AWBs/DCMs
  • prompt settlement via IATA/CASS
  • increase in quality and speed through automatic net-rate calculation
  • process costs are reduced considerably
  • simplifying employee’s routine work


Air Waybill Management Software - AMS