Agent Incentive Management System - AIS

The Agent Incentive Management System enables the airlines to manage the travel agencies' incentives and commissions. Through the web-based platform, airlines inform agents about their special incentive or over-commission deals. All relevant rules and regulations are stored in the platform database.

The AIS System processes all sold or flown tickets for the criteria given for special deals. Based on the BSP sales or flown data as well as on the individual kick-back parameters per agent/agency group, detailed reports for agents' incentive payments as well as consolidated ACMs are produced at the end of the month.


The system offers a wide range of incentive deal criteria such as deal code and name, routing, agents, flight- and issue-dates, deal types (net-net, over commission, over amount).

Your benefits are:

  • time- and cost-savings
  • web-based system to create and modify the conditions of the incentive deals for travel agents
  • specific market actions are possible through incentive deals for travel agents
  • fast response to market changes is esured
  • deals are communicated to agents through the web platform just-in-time
  • requirements can be adjusted to market situation at any time
  • BSP-sales- and/or flown data-related
  • comprehensive tracking and monitoring of incentive deals
  • agent receives the incentives/over commissions at the time of the settlement
  • time and cost-saving through improvement of deal management-related workload and procedures
  • no maintenance is required


Agent Incentive Management System - AIS